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CACI is family of independent individuals who work together to help children and their families that is the Youths, affected by HIV/AIDS, Human abuse and poverty. We work in a way that maximizes our collective efforts for the benefit of children and girls / women in Uganda.
CACI’s programs aim at improve girls and women employability prospects by preparing them for quality jobs and helping others succeed as entrepreneurs only through decent employment opportunities can help young children, girls and women get the chance to work themselves out of poverty.

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Ongoing Projects

Food Aid For Karamoja

Donate today and help to reach the poor families affected with hunger

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Adult Literacy

Adult learning at CACI is now a key concern that we believe

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Child sponsor

We still have an endless pain of seeing children from poor families suffer

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Adult learning program

a key concern that we believe has changed the mindset of individuals, families and the community

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