Adult Literacy

Adult learning at CACI is now a key concern that we believe has changed the mindset of individuals, families and the community in dealing with the issues of their children to staying in school and social- economic empowerment, since 2013 each year we celebrate the completion of different groups ranging from level 1, 2 and 3.

The groups meet two days in a week and two hours in a day with a supportive trained group leader who is a facilitator supervised by a coach. They learn through sharing issues and experiences of their own lives in the theme sentences which makes the lessons more interesting to the participants in Luganda and English.

In Wakiso district over 34 groups currently are undergoing through reading, writing and numeracy and at level 3 the group is empowered well and ready to form an association in, Village Saving and Loan Associations (VSLAs), Income generating Activities (IGAs), Community Based Associations to allow them defend they rights, able to say no to corruption acts and protect the environment as well.

All the efforts to reach this success has always been supported by Adult Learning and Empowerment Fund a Swedish organization since 2013 to date

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