Kyabadde’s story

Kyabadde’s story

He joined CACI in 2018 January with a referral from Mild may Hospital where he is acquiring his drugs for ARV’s, he was born by parents with HIV/AIDS and at his age of 6 years, he was tested positive. This affected his education due to on and off sickness until Mild may hospital psychosocial support department, supported him in formal education up to primary seven in 2017.

However, his situation continued to worsen of the skin rash and he also developed mental illness, then Mild may requested CACI to support Kenneth in the skills program which Kenneth accepted and chose shoe making and craft a course that would not strain much his health, he under took the course for two years, going through psychological supportive counseling on trauma, drug adhere and confidence building.

Due to the fact that the family member had isolated him and lost hope in his future, CACI staffs and counselors showed him love and care until he was awarded a certificate of completion last year in 2019.

Currently his given a placement at CACI workshop until he gets a personal start up kit of shoe machine for self employment because the employers may not accept his situation of the skin chronic problem.

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