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Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Skills Development Training:
This intervention targets disadvantaged children and youth who cannot afford school fees to further their education or fail to obtain the necessary results and unemployed youth who opt for hands on skills training of their choice to enhance employ-ability and provide skilled foundation to build a career therefore reducing levels of unemployment.

It provides hands on vocational skills in hairdressing, tailoring, garment cutting, fashion design, knitting, cobbling and shoe production, leather works, hand crafts making and computer training. These skills empower young people to believe in their dreams and to enable acquisition of income so that they can support their household and families. Each training course is complemented with a certificate upon completion.


The center empowers young girls and teenage mothers who dropped out of school due to their families being unable to let them continue with formal education The girls learn how to peddle sewing machines and use electric ones, pattern cutting and garment sewing making beautiful garments ranging from women’s dresses, wedding gowns of all kinds, school uniforms, children and men’s wear. The course takes 2 years and after completion, they undergo orientation course on marketing skills and financial literacy. Students who do not know how to read and write are considered for practical and enrolled in the adult literacy empowerment classes.

Hair Dressing

Hairdressing students learn theory and practical training in hair care, styling and plaiting, do facial, manicure and pedicure. However an additional 2 hours are always supported in the business class.

Child support

CACI has an endless pain of seeing children from poor families suffer by not going to school or dropping out before completing primary seven. This assessment is always noticed in the enrollment of young girls for the skilling program aged 12-17 years. Also the adult learning classes /groups registering a big numbers in the communities we work in.

CACI is committed to link you and your network in identifying a child to change his/her life by supporting them with school tuition to allow them stay in school. CACI has managed to support these children with scholastic materials such as note books, pens, used text books, school bags, clothes and shoes etc mobilized through churches and well-wishers in communities.

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