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Volunteer program

CACI has got sustainable program which will only need your new skills and values to make them more impactful to the community we work in. Programmers, other donors have supported before and currently.

How to volunteer with CACI

Volunteering with CACI is given credibility to all those who choose to offer us their time, compassion, and skills. It’s also about gaining new skills, experiences and adding value to our projects and communities we serve and giving back in a responsible way.

What kind of experiences do your programs request?

CACI has got two kinds of programs that require volunteers and these include Activity programs and Administration programs. The activity programs at CACI will accept  volunteers with little or no experience and adults who want to learn from the community experience while the administration volunteers will always be in line with the preferred experience programs where you’re ready add more value when you are leveraging your skills as well as gaining applicable experience.

What kind of ground support does CACI provide?
  • CACI has got an office and a training center with good working conditions for the volunteers supported by the programs/project staff.
  • Security is ensured to the volunteers from the time of arrival in the country till departure, at office and place of residence. We allocate a support staff to the volunteer while with us. Registration for our volunteers is always in records with the duty bearers concerned on arrival including the embassy if the volunteer wishes to do so. Personal movements are not healthy for the organization’s security. Changing of a volunteer from one organization to another is not allowed unless planned before arrival. This is done to ensure the safety of our volunteers.
  • For volunteers ready to work with us for a period of more than six months, a working permit shall be processed before joining the organization. Accommodation

CACI takes the responsibility of ensuring that volunteers get good accommodation which is arranged in this way. We have host family accommodations which assist the volunteer to learn more on the culture of people in the community.

Some volunteers due to personal health and social situations may prefer to have isolated accommodation where CACI shall assist in making arrangements to allocate suitable housing that can be managed by them.

Is the organization work sustainable ?

Yes, CACI has got sustainable program which will only need your new skills and values to make them more impactful to the community we work in. Programmers, other donors have supported before and currently.

What kind of training and skills building does the program provide its volunteer ?

The volunteers will be trained the culture and tradition of the community they will be working in to much with their services to the community.Local language during orientation will be trained to allow the volunteers socialize in the community.Volunteers with professions in identified areas like medical health, teaching, office management and administrations will be given opportunity to exercise their skills practically

What else would you wish to ask before selecting our program ?

Please leave your comments below or join the conversations online.There is another way you can volunteer with us if you fail to make it to our offices, to become our link volunteer in your respective country and share our programs with your social network, this we believe many will reach us through you.

Do you provide accommodation for volunteers?

The volunteer house is now open to volunteers ready to offer their time and make an impact in children at CACI King David learning center in Kiwugo Namuyenje Mukono District. The volunteers will be given 3 delicious African meals, lunch and dinner and break tea. Also pick up to and from the airport is our organizations’ responsibility.

Is there attached cost to volunteer with CACI?

The volunteer will be requested to contribute $9 per day towards the accommodation, meals and internet while at the house and the organization offer will be, free laundry, watching TV, participating in events and traditional parties.

How is the volunteer allowed to stay?

Volunteers are free to stay with a minimum of two weeks to six months beyond this, the volunteer will be processed a work permit to allow him stay with CACI.

How will the volunteers benefit from CACI volunteering?

Volunteer will benefit by learning and exchanging of culture and language while interacting with the children at the center and in the community, a certificate of gratitude will be awarded with organization T-shirt.

What are some of CACI community volunteering opportunities. ?
  • Community mobilization and approach.
  • Editing or publication
  • Grant and proposal writing.
  • Logistics and event organizations
  • Networking and partnership building
  • Photography
  • Volunteer coordination and management
  • Web design and maintenance
  • Information systems IT
  • Event fundraising
CACI community volunteering opportunities. ?

Below are just a few different areas you can volunteer.This is by no means an extensive list and volunteering can be almost anything and everything. However if you cannot find a suitable role on the vacancy board get in touch with the program coordination to see if we can help.

Children and young people.There are lots of opportunities to volunteer with young people within a primary school. Vocational skills center or with the youth groups in our community. Opportunities will include mentoring, training, teaching and workshops in different areas.

Women and girls empowerment. Adult literacy in teaching simple English, women skills empowerment and sharing, urban farming skills training.


  • Counseling to HIV/AIDS patients and psychosocial support to the orphans and vulnerable children (OVC’s).
  • Reproductive health education to the youth and young girls
  • HIV/AIDS testing outreaches as well as being attached to a health center where our patients acquire treatment for opportunistic infections and ART

Positive living  information sharing with clients of HIV for example on drug adherence, disclosure means, memory book skills writing, WILL writing and risk reduction plans

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